"Above: Looking northwest across Broadway from the northeast corner of 79th and Broadway, 1903. The towered structure on the left is part of the First Baptist Church (nwc 79th). The striped awning on the right is the present Zabar’s building (nwc 80th). In between, is the two-story brick building with flagpole (2231-2233 Broadway) and an old frame building (2235-2239 Broadway, nwc 80th). In 1905-06 when the Broadway Studio Building was built, the lower floor of the two-story brick building was incorporated into the new structure."

These black and white poster-size copies were taped to windows of the recently closed H&H Bagels on the S/W corner of West 80th St. and Broadway. Besides the fact that the building that these three pictures are taped is depicted in the third photograph, it is not entirely clear why these three pictures are there.

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